Industrial sewing machines, welding machines and automation

The VETRON brand stands for high-value products developed for processing textiles and leather, multiple awarded innovative solutions focused on the customer ́s needs, and the German art of engineering connected with professional service.


Products are made from selected components throughout Europe and Asia off ering a superior price performance ratio and innovative

functionality, setting new standards of process

security through the use of high technology.


The easy, ergonomic and clear interface

structure for operators and service technicians

is a top priority during design

The Range

The series of sewing and welding machines combines German mechanical engineering with the cost effectiveness of Chinese production.


Through the consistent use of state of the art electronic control it became possible to make all machine settings programmable into memory and thus recallable. This allows the process parameters to be free from operators influence and identical every time the program is recalled. The innovative dynamic machine parameter, based on the actual speed and the permanent measurement of the material thickness, open new possibilities of production quality, process security and the reduction of cycle times

Modular System

The new development leaves behind the classic principle of sewing machine design. Intstead of installing all mechanical components directly in a housing, the “frame” has been reduced to a supporting function. All components are grouped into “technology modules” that can be exchanged at any time.

As a result of this innovation,

customers can adjust the machine

to any future needs. For example,

it is possible to transform a flatbed

machine into a longarm machine

and ice versa. If repairs are needed,

the technician can simply replace a

module, and in this way avoid down

times and possible bottlenecks in



Industrial sewing machines and cutting machines

Economical solutions and a wide spectrum of applications. The TYPICAL range fulfills almost every standard requirement at a reasonable cost.

Since that time, the biggest Chinese manufacturer of industrial sewing machines trusts into German innovative developments.

An experienced team out of Engineers, Sewing Technicians  and Prototype builders develops new machines

up to the marketability and also

optimization of

existing machine


Research & Development

VETRON - the industry´s leader of innovation.

To keep the industries technological lead VETRON runs a state of the art research and development departement in Kaiserslautern, Germany with more than 70 experienced mechanical engineers, software engineers, designers and sewing technicians.

Since multiple years VETRON is the pioneer of so called industry 4.0 strategies with computerized seam processing and the development of a shop floor management.


Various future orientated research projects in the field of cloud management, process automisation and manless sewing technology are permanently leading to award winning solutions.

Exploring New Horizons

Since the company was formed in 2009, VETRON TYPICAL Europe GmbH is growing continuously. For this reason, the company launched a new era with the groundbreaking for its new building in the IG Nord II in Kaiserslautern. On 9.500 sqm arisen 3.500 sqm of production and administration areas. The company invested approx 4 million Euro for its new project.

In consideration of the 80 employees and the continuous growth, the step towards a self-owned property was an important step.

With 6 trainees, our trainee rate of more than 10% is well above the average of the industry. The Option for a neighboring property with an additional 10.000 sqm emphasises the company‘s objectives of continuous growth.

ISO 9001:2015

DEKRA Certification GmbH hereby certifies that the organization


Scope of certification:
Development, production and distribution of industrial sewing machines, welding machines and automation solution

Certified location:
Clara-Immerwahr-Straße 6, 67661 Kaiserslautern, Deutschland

has established and maintains a quality management system according to the above mentioned standard. The conformity was adduced with audit report no. A19041239.

Certificate registration no. 90919632

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