VETRON TYPICAL officially opens new company building

Kaiserslautern – After just ten months of construction time, the inauguration of the new building marked the official start of the new IG Nord II part.

The german/chinese company invested around 4 million Euros in it’s new 3500 sqm branch, which replaces the previous building at the Hertelsbrunnenring. The opening ceremony took place in the presences of mayor Dr Klaus Weichel and Daniela Schmitt, state secretary at the ministry of economics in Mainz, as well as other highranking business and industry representatives.

„I am very pleased about the fact, that with VETRON TYPICAL a company out of the sewing industry is making the start at IG Nord II “

Mayor Dr Klaus Weichel

With the arrival of the sewing industry, a new hightech-sewing-center is developing in the newest part of the IG Nord in Kaiserslautern. A fact, the mayor calls a „wonderful bridge building act“ to the local industry.

„We are closely attached to the enormous sewing-know-how in the area between Kaiserslautern and Pirmasens”, Dr Klaus Weichel told to the media and guests, not forgetting to thank the investors for their trust, represented by Holger Labes and Michael Chen.


Since 2009 VETRON TYPICAL is resident in Kaiserslautern, which also contains a developing- and logistic center beside the company’s management. It’s covering the complete operation for Europe, Middle East, North Africa and America. Since then, the company was awarded with plenty of innovation prices, such as the development of the worlds first full-automatic sewing machine.

The expansion of the IG Nord is a joint project of the city of Kaiserslautern, the district of Weilerbach, aswell as the local congretion Rodenbach. Rhineland-Palatinate subsided the project, which contains around 22,7 hectar on city district and another 13,3 hectar at the expansion “Hühnerbusch on the district of Rodenbach. The development works finished since the 1st of April 2015. Around 25 companies shall settle down on the around 36 hectar large area.

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