„Lockstitch postbed sewing machine with a 50 mm increased sewing set“

VETRONs newly presented lockstitch postbed sewing machine features an extra large clearance of 133 mm between the sewing head bottom side and the stitch plate, as well as direct drive and triple transport.

Thanks to an extremely enlarged sewing set, special work operations such as 3D processing with tight radii can be executed easily.

This special postbed sewing machine is tailor-made for automotive, dashboards, bags or suitcase applications. Thanks to the longer needle bar and needle feet, the VETRON 5380 seems to have unlimited range of 360° around the sewing area.

By using the multiple awarded VETRON technology, the VETRON 5380 is the perfect addition for the production process and is suitable for the common use as flatbed or postbed sewing machine aswell.

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