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VETRON wins the texprocess innovation award 2022  "new technology"
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TXP_Innovation_Award22_4c_technology Kopie.png

Sealing a seam by means of adhesive tape on the reverse side is state of the art in various industries. Over the last few years, the design requirements for decorative seams in car interiors have become increasingly complex. An increasing trend of decorative seams to enhance the value of products is clearly visible. Sewn components must be sealed with a sealing tape on the reverse side in the production process after sewing to prevent penetration of the PU foam material in the subsequent process.

Tapes are usually used here that have an adhesive film that is activated by high temperatures. These are applied by means of wellknown hotmelt gluing machines, usually manually.


However, this process has considerable disadvantages:

Due to the heat generated, material changes or damage can occur on the visible side of the component. However, since the adhesives require considerable heat for activation - they must later withstand high temperatures in the vehicle - it is difficult to set the machine correctly and the series production process is unstable and prone to errors.

The high energy consumption of the application equipment is also a significant disadvantage for the user‘s sustainability considerations and will become more important in the future.

For these reasons, the use of socalled cold adhesive tapes is becoming increasingly widespread.

Here, the adhesive film is applied by the manufacturer to a carrier tape, which has to be removed again during the application process, rolled up and then fed into the recycling process. The adhesive film itself is highly elastic and the refore cannot be handled without a carrier tape.

This results in the disadvantage with all application systems available on the market today that the adhesive film cannot be cut off automatically, but must be removed by the operator at the end of the process using scissors. Consequently, automated application is out of the question.

This is in contrast to constantly increasing demands for process automation and has motivated Vetron to develop an application device that can perform the cutting and handling of the cold adhesive tape fully automatically.



VETRON has succeeded in developing an application device that can apply a cold adhesive tape in an automated process via robot and automatically separate it with a tape cutter.

By means of an innovative and unique tape manager on the applied printing roll, the beginning of the tape is fixed after cutting and thus automatically stored for the next application process.

The automation guarantees a process-reliable process as well as time savings and avoids possible sources of error due to manual processing. In addition, it conserves resources by saving belt overlengths at the beginning and end of the process.

NEW VETRON 5374-21/45

Cold bonding / hot-air combination taping machine for welding continuous seams on water-resistant, waterproof and breathable materials or dashboard seam sealing (slant post in front)


The new VETRON 5374-21/45 is a machine for processing cold adhesive tapes. However, it can also be converted into a hot-air welding machine in just a few minutes.

As a rule, tapes are used that have an adhesive film activated by high temperatures. These are applied manually with the familiar hot-air welding machines. 
Due to the high demand on the market, VETRON has created a combination of its hot-air welding machine with which you can use both tapes for hot air and cold adhesive tapes. With a short conversion of approx. 15 minutes, the machine can be converted for the corresponding application.


VETRON 4000//4010  4020//4030 Classic direct-drive 1/2-needle lockstitch sewing machine with triple transport and full function

VETRON 4000-4010-13-Header-perspective.png
VETRON 4020 Header.png


The VETRON 4000 series has been designed as a modern, fully equipped, mechanical industrial sewing machine for use in medium to heavy-duty applications and complements the portfolio with a classic  industrial sewing machine in addition to the  VETRON 5000 series. 

With an exceptionally high stitch quality, it is perfectly suited for topstitching work in the visible area, as well as for assembling seams for use in automotive and upholstery production. 

Equipped with a thread trimmer, thread clamp for a clean seam beginning. Switchable, second tension, second stitch length and top feed stroke. Recallable via the switch bar in the arm of the machine. With the built-in LED sewing light and an integrated touch  control panel in the machine arm, the VETRON 4000 series offers all the features of a modern, classic  industrial sewing machine.

Other features include are a powerful main drive and low-noise, low-vibration operation due to aluminum arm and head covers. 

The sewing gauge parts set of the VETRON 4000 series is identical to the VETRON 5000 series and can  therefore be used as an original part in VETRON quality for all VETRON series. As a result, the VETRON 4000 series fits easily into the VETRON range and is an ideal operating resource and reliable partner.


VETRON TOUCH 4.0 for VETRON 5000 with the new seam designer and for the V_SION System / Poka Yoke

VE_Touch-Perspective-Seam1 view.png

VETRON TOUCH 4.0 represents the digital addition to your VETRON sewing machine and is the upgrade to the previous v_sion control panel. The original sewing machine control panel with keys and rotary wheel is replaced by a clear and intuitive touch display that is connected directly to the machine control.  

The VETRON TOUCH 4.0 takes over all previous functions of sewing machine operation and additionally enables the integration of digital content to support the user (for example operating instructions with photos / videos).

The seam designer supports the definition of chain programs. It visualizes the programs in the display field, additional events can be integrated between the seam sections. The current seam section is highlighted in the display field during sewing.

User access management enables the assignment of rights to different user groups.
The system history records data that can later be used for precise production analysis or accurate trouble shooting.

Service personnel are supported in their work by the digital content and the setup wizard. Predictive maintenance functions help minimize down time and prevent failures.

Due to the process, not only the workstations of a production line, but also the sewing programs of the sewing ma-chines have to be designed flexibly. In automotive, upholstery and pocket production, there is therefore a demand to adapt the sewing program to the production process in the best possible way by defining various functions and fea-tures.  For complex sewing programs, various chain elements consisting of parameters such as stitch length, thread tension, top feed stroke, edge guide distance, foot pressure can be used.

For easy definition of chain programs and visual user support, VETRON has developed a unique 2D „SEAM DESIGNER“. This is a standard part of the TOUCH 4.0 product, rounds it off with its basic Poka Yoke functions and is a component of VETRON DIGITAL.
With the help of the SEAM DESIGNER, the positions and sequences of the sewing program chains can be graphical-ly modelled on the sewn part via „Click & Slide“. This means that the operator always has an overview of the seam section that is highlighted during the sewing process. The user is thus automatically guided through the production process by the seam designer and ensures the correct sequence of different events.
Events are functions that can be added at will during the program definition. With the help of the event activation button, elements such as a barcode scan or material thickness measurements can be added to the seam program as a checkpoint for the process. During the production process, when an event position is reached, the user is informed which function follows or which activity must be carried out. 
In case of sewing errors (e.g. thread breakage), the user gets immediate feedback on where to correct the seam, as the sewn seam sections are shown in color.
The creation of seam programs by the technician/supervisor is simple and clear. Seam sections are activated and moved to the desired position by „Click & Slide“. If the seam section is activated in technician mode, the desired seam parameters can be assigned. It has never been easier to configure a back tack. By clicking on a seam start or end, the back tack selection appears graphically. Now the parameters (stitch length, speed, tension, decorative stitch) can be set by activating the corresponding back tack seam sections.
The VETRON innovation supports the operator in his daily work, as well as the technician/supervisor in the simple and process reliable setup of production lines.


New housing for our TYPICAL pattern sewing machines. This safety enclosure can be used for other pattern or automatic sewing machines

TY_TC3020-Safety-Cell View-VT.jpg

Customized & European CE safety standards

New safety concept with enclosure of the sewing machines. The safety concept consists of light barriers and two-hand operation. Furthermore, service doors are secured with sensors.


In the 21st century, many larger companies are forced to rely on digitalisation in order to remain competitive on the market in the long term. Production must become more transparent in order to act efficiently and reliably. Facilitation at the workplace through Poka Yoke functions, product introduction, production management, integration of different machine brands in the production process as well as the digitalisation of the entire production are the core competences. Especially in the automotive sector, process flows must be digitalised in order to guarantee a safe production flow and to conserve resources.
Processes that are not optimised consume more energy. Production errors create reject parts and thus important resources and raw materials are wasted.

The VETRON innovation
"VETRON DIGITAL 4.0" is the complete networking of production data, process sequences, machine data, manual workstations as well as process-securing sequences and consists of several components (V_SION; POKA YOKE; VETRON TOUCH 4.0/machines) which both individually and optimally together secure the production sequence. They form the "ALL IN ONE" solution, which does not necessarily require the integration of VETRON machines. VETRON 4.0 also enables the integration or use of other sewing machine brands or manual workstations and thus sets itself far apart from the other competitors. Another advantage is the later or subsequent integration of components. VETRON DIGITAL 4.0 can thus be extended, for example, from the normal sewing machine by the V_SION software at a later date.

The networking of various system components on the one hand, and the networking of machines in production on the other. This is exactly where our Industry 4.0 solution v_sion steps in - it connects production and operating data with the analysis and process know-how of the engineers.

Poka Yoke stands for the concept of continuous quality improvement by avoiding unintentional errors and thus saving resources and time. The VETRON Poka Yoke systems can query internal machine data as well as external scanners, sensors and camera systems. This ensures that the user avoids errors in the production chain. Poka Yoke is the basis for continuous quality improvement and thus an important building block for process assurance.

VETRON TOUCH 4.0 represents the digital supplement to the VETRON sewing machine. The normal sewing machine control panel with keys is replaced by a clear and intuitive touch display that is connected directly to the machine control. Furthermore, the TOUCH 4.0 serves to display the V_SION software or Poka Yoke functions and thus offers "ALL IN ONE" in a space-saving way.
VETRON TOUCH 4.0 takes over all previous functions of sewing machine operation and, in addition, enables the integration of digital content (instructions) to support the user. Production instructions are displayed to the user in real time, learning processes can be carried out through documentation, pictures and videos without involving additional personnel. 

With "VETRON DIGITAL", VETRON offers the complete networking solution of innovative, technical individual groups and thus forms a transparent, efficient, reproducible and process-safe production flow.

The resulting intelligently operating network thus offers great advantages for any textile or leather processing production facility that saves resources.

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