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GT9820-00 // GT9820-01 // GT9820-02

Electronic eyelet button hole sewing machine

TYPICAL GT9820-Header.png
Field of applications
Button holes

Eyelet button hole / Button hole with taper bar, cross tack, without tack & round tack

Features & Technical data
GT9820-00 // GT9820-01 // GT9820-02

» Fully automatic lubrication system

» Zig-zag width mechanical 1.5-4 mm

» Electronic max. up to 5.0 mm; delivery status is 2.5 mm (GT9820-00 & GT9820-01) or
   3 mm (GT9820-02)

» Feed mechanism: intermitted 3 axis stepping motors

» Integrated direct-drive (550 W / 230 V)

» Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz, 3 phase 110 V

» Consumption of compressed air: Around 44 liter/minute with about 8 button holes / 

» High-precision stepping motors control for very accurate button holes

» Large clearance under the sewing arm for easy handling of the material

» Collection device for cut thread ends, keeps the machine clean

» Vacuum waist removal for button hole cut-outs

» Air pressure detector prevents machine function at low air pressure

» Push button to stop the machine at thread break during sewing

* Depending on process
** Depending on version


» Automatic machine stop by means of needle thread monitor

» Set-up kit for semi-submerged machine assembly

» Pedal device for machine start function

» Vent-hole (round-hole) sewing kit

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