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Electronic direct-drive lockstitch pattern sewing machine

TYPICAL TC1310GB 01A-CH-Header.png

Illustration TC1310GB 01A/CH with Sliding device

Field of applications

TC1310GB 01A/CH with Sliding device

Features & Technical data
TC1310GB // TC1510GB 

» TC1310GB 01A/CH with sliding device for sewing on labels

» Stepper motor controlled clamp, different lifting heights are programmable (TC1310GB-S)

» Stepper motor controlled thread tension (option)

» Flip clamp for sewing on labels (TC1310GB-02FZ)
» Integrated Direct-Drive

» Intermittent transport

» High precision stepper motors (X/Y) control for very accurate seams, stitch length from

   0.05 –12.7 mm programmable
» Integrated powerful direct-drive (230 V, 550 W) with increased torque
» CB-hook for increased stitch quality up to thread N° 20/3
» Automatic thread cutter and thread wiper for a neat seam start

» Oil-free needle, no oil stand on material

» Thread ends after cutting about 2.0–2.5 mm
» Presserfoot height programmable for excellent seam quality even at cross seams
» Upper thread breakage identifi cation with automaticsewing stop

» 512 sewing pattern a total of 20,000 programmable stitches

» Data transfer by USB

» Full automatic lubrication system

* Depending on process
** Depending on version

Control panel

Touchscreen display for creation and administration of sewing programs

Bobbing thread winding function at the push of a button. The optimum position for needle threading will be approached after pushing the button. Clamp drops down, needle thread tension will open

​512 sewing pattern a total of 20,000 programmable stitches

Import or export of sewing programs via USB stick

TYPICAL-TC1310GB-01A-CH-Detail web.jpg

Electronic direct-drive lockstitch pattern sewing machine with stepper motor controlled thread tension (option) and sliding device.

Equipped with a transparent template for knitwear and various label sizes.

TYPICAL-TC1310GB-01A-CH-Application web.jpg
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With the direct download you have access to all information. Would you like to see the machine in action? Visit our Youtube Channel. Is the corresponding machine not yet online, so contact us. We will produce a product film to the machine as soon as possible.


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