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Full electronic post bed sewing machine with wheel feed and driven roller presser

Field of applications
TY-TW2-1574E-M-Application view2.jpg
Features & Technical data

» 5-inch high-resolution color screen for easy and fast operation
» Electronic knee switch for example: stitch length change, reverse stitch, presser foot lift
» Direct drive on the arm shaft ensures better power transmission and higher puncture 
» Guaranteed „stitch-in-stitch“ by back tack
» Additional electrical back tack lever in traditional position
» Wheel feed, driven roller presser and needle feed are controlled by stepper motors
» Stitch lengths are reproducible at any time
» Programmable differential feed (+/- 1.0 mm) for top and bottom feed
» No stitch length difference when transferring sewing programs from machine to machine
» Easy adjustment of stitch lengths and back tack stitch on the control panel
» High seam quality for functional and decorative seams
» Multifunction button in easy reach of the operator
» Integrated LED sewing light with 3 lighting levels and colour change for fluorescent
» Easily adjustable thread trimmer (up to 40/3 syn.)
» Overload clutch for hook protection
» Simplification of the sewing process by programming seam sections.
» Programs can be transferred to the machines via USB
» No compressed air required

» Connection voltage, single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

* Depending on process
** Depending on version

Multifunction & Light

Multifunction button in easy reach of the operator.
Integrated LED sewing light with 3 lighting levels and colour change for fluorescent markings

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