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Industry 4.0 is all about networking – networking between several system components on one hand, and networking between machines and people who direct the product line on the other.

This is exactly where VETRONs new industry 4.0 solution v_sion comes in to connect production and operating data with the analysis and process know-how of the engineers. The resulting smart interoperating network offers genuine added-value to facility.


v_sion links every workplace in a network, whether it‘s a fully equipped sewing workplace or a manual workplace. It is monitoring and analyzing the process, like the efficiency of line and workplace, parts per time, the scrap level, repair time, or the machine downtime.
As a result it provides the best possible detection of optimizing potentials for the process.  

The display of video tutorials, process instructions or software updates is provided by the v_sion data base.

In case of troubleshooting, alarms are sent to supervisors or technicians.


The v_sion gateway is the operators access to any kind of instruction and information about the active process of the workplace including direct calls for support.


Your entire workshop at a glance – all the relevant production data clearly displayed and available anywhere, at any time. The v_sion management tool is a web based application with responsive design, accessable from any device.

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