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VETRON 5374-20/45

Hot-air taping machine for welding continuous seams on water-resistant, waterproof and breathable materials (slant post in front)

Gerste Felder

Hotair welding machines are typically used to strengthen and seal seams in the textile and leather industry. Compressed air is heated up to several hundred degrees Celsius by electricity and is blown onto the tape coated with thermoplastic glue...

...the Innovation



The innovation of the VETRON hotair welding machine is based on the development of a new air heater in combination with consistent reduction of heat losses and a newly designed air nozzle. The air supply can be stopped at any time without damage of the heater. The nanoporous thermal insulation and the optimization of the air channel are also reducing energy losses.
The new designed nozzle optimizes the energy transfer to the tape. As a result, the required amount of hot air could be reduced to a fraction.
Comparison tests revealed a possible ENERGY SAVING OF MORE THAN 90% compared to previous systems!

Field of applications
Wanderer High Five
High tech as standard

Through the consistent use of state of the art electronic control it became possible to make all machine settings programmable into memory and thus recallable.


This allows the process parameters to be free from operators influence and identical every time the program is recalled. 

Process Reliability

User identification via USB dongle (activated via parameter).

Operator does not have access to basic parameters.

Various access codes for Operator / Line Supervisor / Technican / Technical Supervisor (Administrator).

Programmable Setup

All machine settings are programmable and storable.

Fast and precise setup of the machine by recall of a stored machine program.

Easy to understand and intuitive programming concept.

Program chain function to combine different production steps directly on one machine.

User identification by USB-dongle to avoid access on machine settings - on demand.

Features & Technical data

» ENERGY SAVING OF MORE THAN 90% compared to previous systems

» No air noise in pause mode

» Slant post in front

» Heating power 700 Watt

» All welding parameters can be programmed and thus reproducibility

» Up to 199 programs can be created

» With integrated, programmable tape pulling and tape feeding device

» Integrated tape cutter

» 25 mm hot air nozzel with integrated tape pre-heating (patent pending)

» With adjustable puller heating

» Tape width from 5-25 mm adjustable

» Adjustable puller pressure

» Programmable welding speed, separatly adjustable for upper an lower puller wheel

» Programmable welding temperature

» Lower puller wheels selectively made from steel or silicon

» Puller wheels 26 mm width (other widths on request)

» Puller wheels diameter 45 mm

* Depending on process

VETRON 5374-Display.jpg
Control Panel P107

Simple operation - easy to remove

The control panel concept P107 is one of the new generations of control panels. It guarantees easy operation with simple navigation.

In the production is this operating concept ideally suited for setting the sewing parameters and sewing programs / sequences. The control panel is simply removed after setting - the operator can no longer intervene in the sewing parameters.

All informations in one place!

Direct download

Here you can find all information about the machines in one place!
Are you looking for the right operating or programming instructions?

With the direct download you have access to all information. Would you like to see the machine in action? Visit our Youtube Channel. Is the corresponding machine not yet online, so contact us. We will produce a product film to the machine as soon as possible.


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