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VETRON TYPICAL "Sewing Template"

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

For decorative or functional seams [ VETRON & TYPICAL Automatic sewing units ]

The area of application for CNC sewing machines from VETRON TYPICAL is the automation of sewing processes. Cuttings for elaborate decorative seams from the automotive sector, shoe and handbag manufacturing or for assembly seams are fixed to the templates for the sewing process.

For optimal positioning of the cuttings, VETRON TYPICAL develops, designs and manufactures concept templates and serial templates. The in-house production of templates makes it possible to closely cooperate and coordinate with our customers and respond to desired changes and retrofitting.

Human-Machine communication

To supervise the production process and avoid potential mistakes, process-specific poka-yoke functions are available. With the assistance of sensors, RFID- and barcode scanners a diverse list of criteria can be checked before the clearance to start is given. For templates with one part, the correct sewing program can be loaded via an RFID tag attached to the template. If a template is designed to fit multiple parts, the sewing program is chosen for the number of inserted parts.

Properties depending on model

» Premium material and built quality » Weight optimized construction » Seam blades and eccentrics as positional aids » Intuitive Verschlusssysteme » QR-code assisted monitoring of templates

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