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VETRON 5064 & 5374, the best solution for the production of protective suits.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Regarding present circumstances, we would like to draw your attention on our VETRON ultrasonic & hot-air tape welding machines, especially for processing disposable protective suits.


Electronic flat bed ultrasonic welding machine with sonotrode and anvil wheel 25 / 45 mm diameter.

"The configuration of the suitable VETRON ultrasonic welding machine for processing TYVEK material is:

VETRON 5064-3045 Ultrasonic welding machine with titanium sonotrode"

Ultrasonic welding machine with unique features

The ultrasonic approach has developed as forward looking method for the connection of thermoplastic, innovative and technical materials. For the connection of technical (weldable) materials, such as protective clothing made of TYVEK, car covers for transport, medical mattresses and pads, clean room clothing, filter, sports gear, etc., an innovative ultrasonic welding machine is indispensable, in order to guarantee the best possible resistance of the welding seam.

The VETRON 5064 and 5164 (longarm version) with its worldwide unique selling features emerges as the perfect partner for ultrasonic welding techniques.

The calibrated height sensor measures the distance between anvil- and sonotrode wheel over the entire perimeter. This ensures an exact concentricity and leads to a perfect welding seam with steady quality. After finishing the distance- and concentricity-calibration, the accuracy of the concentricity is shown on the display. VETRON offers two sonotrodes made of hardened steel and titanium.

The detachable display/panel guarantees a high process security, since no program or parameter change can be made when removed. Programs can be changed or uploaded to the machine via an USB Slot.


VETRON 5374-3200

Hot-air tape machine for welding continuous seams (slant post infront)

Hot-air welding machines are typically used to strengthen and seal seams in the textile and leather industry. Compressed air is heated up to several hundred degrees Celsius by electricity and is blown onto the tape coated with thermoplastic glue...

...the Innovation


The innovation of the VETRON hotair welding machine is based on the development of a new air heater in combination with consistent reduction of heat losses and a newly designed air nozzle. The air supply can be stopped at any time without damage of the heater. The nanoporous thermal insulation and the optimization of the air channel are also reducing energy losses.

The new designed nozzle optimizes the energy transfer to the tape. As a result, the required amount of hot air could be reduced to a fraction.

Comparison tests revealed a possible ENERGY SAVING OF MORE THAN 90% compared to previous systems.


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