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New VETRON 5040 with Edge Trimmer

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Innovative and user-friendly edge trimmer for the automotive and upholstery industry

The new edge trimmer of the VETRON 5040 is characterized by excellent features in operation and processing for butt seams in the automotive and upholstery industry.

The control element with manual and automatic functions is located in easy reach of operator. The low-noise and low-vibration run of the edge cutter make the VETRON 5040 the best working partner in production.

The knife motor control offers different usage options between a manual and automatic work mode. Both, in manual and in automatic mode, the speed is controlled by a potentiometer. Functions as „cutter stop by foot lifting“ or „cutter stop at seam end“ can be combined by using toggle switch. In automatic mode, the edge trimmer runs only while sewing.

Features - Edge Trimmer

» Motor-driven edge cutter with a trimming margin of 1,6 mm (other cutting margins available on request)

» Control elements of the edge trimmer in easy reach of operator

» Low-noise, low-vibration running, even at top speed

» Edge trimmer drive is independent of the sewing machine speed

» Manuell / automatic mode

» Switchable function „cutter stop by foot lifting“ and „cutter stop at seam end“



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