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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

VETRON 4000 // 4010

Classic direct-drive 1-needle lockstitch sewing machine with triple transport and full function

The VETRON 4000 series has been designed as a modern, fully equipped, mechanical industrial sewing machine for use in medium to heavy-duty applications and complements the portfolio with a classic industrial sewing machine in addition to the VETRON 5000 series. With an exceptionally high stitch quality, it is perfectly suited for topstitching work in the visible area, as well as for assembling seams for use in automotive and upholstery production.

Equipped with a thread trimmer, thread clamp for a clean seam beginning. Switchable second tension, second stitch length and top feed stroke. Recallable via the switch bar in the arm of the machine. With the built-in LED sewing light and an integrated touch control panel in the machine arm, the VETRON 4000 series offers all the features of a modern, classic industrial sewing machine.

Other features include are a powerful main drive and low-noise, low-vibration operation due to aluminum arm and head covers.

The sewing gauge parts set of the VETRON 4000 series is identical to the VETRON 5000 series and can therefore be used as an original part in VETRON quality for all VETRON series. As a result, the VETRON 4000 series fits easily into the VETRON range and is an ideal operating resource and reliable partner.

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