than just an industrial welding machine

Electronic flat bed ultrasonic welding machine with sonotrode and anvil wheel 25 / 45 mm diameter. Longarm version

Ultrasonic welding machine with unique features

The ultrasonic approach has developed as forward looking method for the connection of thermoplastic, innovative and technical materials.
For the connection of technical (weldable) materials, such as protective clothing made of TYVEK, car covers for transport, medical mattresses and pads, clean room clothing, filter, sports gear, etc., an innovative ultrasonic welding machine is indispensable, in order to guarantee the best possible resistance of the welding seam.

The VETRON 5064 and 5164 (longarm version) with its worldwide unique selling features emerges as the perfect partner for ultrasonic welding techniques.

The calibrated height sensor measures the distance between anvil- and sonotrode wheel over the entire perimeter. This ensures an exact concentricity and leads to a perfect welding seam with steady quality. After finishing the distance- and concentricity-calibration, the accuracy of the concentricity is shown on the display. VETRON offers two sonotrodes made of hardened steel and titanium.

The detachable display/panel guarantees a high process security, since no program or parameter change can be made when removed. Programs can be changed or uploaded to the machine via an USB Slot.

Field of applications
High Tech as standard

Key facts

Programmable Setup

All machine settings are programmable and storable

Fast and precise setup of the machine by recall of a stored machine program

Easy to understand and intuitive programming concept

Program chain function to combine different production steps directly on one machine

User identification by USB-dongle to avoid access on machine settings - on demand

Process Reliability

User identification via USB dongle (activated via parameter)

Operator does not have access to basic parameters

Various access codes for Operator / Line Supervisor / Technican / Technical Supervisor (Administrator)

Features & Technical data

Longarm Version

Programmability of all welding parameters and thus reproducibility
Equipped with differential feed; separate drive for sonotrode and anvil wheel; that means smooth, non-distorted seams or the possibility of adding a some fullness

Up to 199 programs can be created
Welding speed adjustable from 0,5 mtr./min. up to 40,0 mtr./min. in 0,1 mtr./min. steps
The anvil wheel size of 45 mm diameter allows for better visibility and better handling, especially in curves. Alternativ 25 mm diameter is also available for extreme small curves and edges

Electronic hand wheel to turn the anvil + sonotrode, to proceed forward-backward
Electronic button in the handling sector for short seam sections with opposite direction of welding (rotation)
Button in the action area for 2- power stage
Security key and button wheel change button in the handling sector
Easy selection of different languages in panel
Electronic rear Puller (optional)

Control Panel P107

Simple operation - easy to remove

The control panel concept P107 is one of the new generations of control panels. It guarantees easy operation with simple navigation.
In the automotive production is this operating concept ideally suited for setting the sewing parameters and sewing programs / sequences. The control panel is simply removed after setting - the operator can no longer intervene in the sewing parameters.

Always fit to the application


In addition to the ultrasonic machine range VETRON offers a wide variety of anvil wheels from serial production.

Over and above, the production of every imaginable special anvil wheel for example with the customer’s logo is possible.

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