than just an industrial sewing machine

Automated sewing

Direct-drive 1-needle lockstitch sewing machine with

triple transport

Field of applications
High tech as standard

Key facts

Through the consistent use of state of the art electronic control it became possible to make all machine settings programmable into memory and thus recallable.


This allows the process parameters to be free from operators influence and identical every time the program is recalled. The innovative dynamic machine parameter, based on the actual speed and the permanent measurement of the material thickness, open new possibilities of production quality, process security and the reduction of cycle times.


Programmable Setup

All machine settings are programmable and storable: stitch length, sewing feet pressure, top feed stroke, needle thread tension,

clearance under the sewing feet …

Fast and precise setup of the machine by recall of a stored machine program

Easy to understand and intuitive programming concept

Program chain function to combine different production steps directly on one machine

User identification by USB-dongle to avoid access on machine settings - on demand

Stitch-in-stitch backtacking

Dynamic Process

Permanent measurement of material thickness

Constant sewing feet pressure reacting on material thickness

Sewing feet pressure reacting on sewing speed

Stitch length correction reacting on material thickness

Thread tension correction reacting on material thickness

Top feed stroke management via sewing speed with automatic  „cross seam function“

Process Reliability

User identification via USB dongle (activated via parameter)

Operator does not have access to basic parameters

Various access codes for Operator / Line Supervisor / Technican / Technical Supervisor (Administrator)

Operator can change sewing programs via scanner (option). The machine automatically adjusts to the preset sewing parameters (Stitch length, speed, thread tension, upper transport stroke, ruler distance ... etc.) on.

Features & Technical data

... for automatic joining of shaped parts with not congruent contours.

With the optical monitoring by cameras in the bottom plate and in the machine head, both material layers are monitored shortly before the needle. A special bottom and top feed automatically feeds the materials with not congruent contours during the sewing process, thus guaranteeing perfect jointing of the materials.
The guiding of the material layers during the sewing process by an operator is replaced by the VETRON 5656 AUTOSEAM.

Programmable seam distance to the material edge 5-15 mm
XXL-Vertical hook, bobbin diameter 32 mm
Automatic short thread trimmer, remaining thread length approx. 5 mm
Bobbin thread monitor
Needle thread clamp
Recommended material thickness ~ 2 mm
Electronic puller for material ejection
Touch screen control panel for seam programming
Table size 1500 x 700 mm
Electrically height-adjustable stand with wheels, EHS-97-107-220-RO

​electronic bobbin winder

forward/backward selection key

electronic hand wheel

​programmable button

forward/backward slider

More ease of use is impossible

Every operating element in the direct handle area

All informations in one place!

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