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NEW BROCHURES TYPICAL TW1-1571E-725x1.5 // TW1-1591E-M // TW1-1591E-BH // TW2-1574E-M

Modern post bed sewing machines in electronic version with attractive price/performance ratio

The TW1-1571 // TW1-1591 // TW2-1574 post bed sewing machines of the brand TYPICAL is an upgrade of the traditional and well-known post bed sewing machine. The direct drive on the arm shaft ensures a better power transmission and thus a higher piercing force. The stepper motor-controlled feed (TW1-1571 // TW1-1591 with additional needle feed),

guarantees a „stitch-in-stitch“ back-tacking and ensures no material perforation as well as an excellent seam quality for decorative and assembly seams.

A large touch control panel allows a clear view of the parameters and the operation or menu guidance. With a USB connection, machine parameters as well as sewing programs can be transferred from machine to machine.

The range of application is in the shoe production of classic women and men shoes, hiking and sports shoes as well as in the automotive industry, bag and small leather goods production.

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