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VETRON 5700 // 5710  [-11]

SAB Side airbag 1-needle lockstitch sewing machine with triple transport and short trimmer for documented seams

The VETRON 5700 // 5710 was designed as a quality assurance system for safety-related seams in the automotive industry.

It guarantees the precise control and documentation of seams, which serve as the predetermined breakage point of the reference seam when the side airbag is triggered. Each stitch, needle and bobbin thread in the docu seam is measured by the docu system and monitored according to the corresponding specifications.

The 5700 // 5710 is thus an important link in quality assurance within the production chain.

Field of applications
Side airbag documented seams
Features & Technical data
5700 // 5710  [-11]

» SAB Side airbag 1-needle lockstitch sewing machine for documented seams

» Stitch type 301

» Selective with big vertical hook (bobbin diameter 26 mm) or extra large hook
   diameter 32 mm)

» Large claerance under the machine arm (350 x 130 mm)

» Max. stitch length 6 mm

» Max. top-feed-stroke 9 mm

» Max. clearance under the sewing feet 20 mm

» Automatic top-feed-stroke adjustment

» Controlled needle thread tension

» Automatic adjustment of presser foot pressure

» Electric driven bobbin winder

» Electronic hand wheel

» Electronic back-tack lever

» Automatic short thread trimmer for threads up to 10/3; thread ends < 5 mm

» Integrated LED sewing light
» Sensor for needle thread tension and closed-loop control of needle thread tension
» Skip stitch detection
» Camera for monitoring needle thread cone
» Camera for monitoring bobbin thread cone
» Needle thread cone cover and cover recognition
» Bobbin thread cone cover and cover recognition
» Camera for reading barcodes or QR-codes on left side of sewing head
» Camera for monitoring inserted bobbin in hook
» Electronic edge guide with integrated photo cell for recognition of start/stop of docu seam
» Label printer
» Different electronic access levels available
» Color touch screen control panel with integrated SBC for easy programming and graphic 
   visualisation of docu seam

» Seam files storable in gateway and connective by internet or wifi
» Import/export seam files by USB port
» Import/export seam programs
» Eye guard with sensor
» Tilt sensor
» Hook cover sensor
» Knee switch
» RFID reader for operator identification
» New seam design technology directly on the touch control panel


Short thread trimmer with remaining thread length

approx. 5 mm

High tech as standard

Through the consistent use of state of the art electronic control it became possible to make all machine settings programmable into memory and thus recallable.


This allows the process parameters to be free from operators influence and identical every time the program is recalled. The innovative dynamic machine parameter, based on the actual speed and the permanent measurement of the material thickness, open new possibilities of production quality, process security and the reduction of cycle times.


* Depending on process
** Depending on version

More ease of use is impossible

Every operating element in the direct handle area


​Electronic bobbin winder

Forward/backward selection key

Electronic hand wheel

​Programmable button

Safety button

Forward/backward slider


VETRON TOUCH 4.0 represents the digital addition to your VETRON sewing machine and is the upgrade to the previous v_sion control panel. The original sewing machine control panel with keys and rotary wheel is replaced by a clear and intuitive touch display that is connected directly to the machine control.  

The VETRON TOUCH 4.0 takes over all previous functions of sewing machine operation and additionally enables the integration of digital content to support the user (for example operating instructions with photos / videos).

The seam designer supports the definition of chain programs. It visualizes the programs in the display field, additional events can be integrated between the seam sections. The current seam section is highlighted in the display field during sewing.

User access management enables the assignment of rights to different user groups.

The system history records data that can later be used for precise production analysis or accurate trouble shooting.

Service personnel are supported in their work by the digital content and the setup wizard. Predictive maintenance functions help minimize down time and prevent failures.

VE_Touch-3er Ansicht.png
Always fit to the application

Gauge part sets and accessories

As a supplement to the sewing machine series, VETRON also offers standard sewing accessories & tools.
In addition, the manufacture of special accessories is possible according to individual customer requirements.

All informations in one place!

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